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The sustainable checklist is a tool developed to help Two Twelve Associates assess the Life Cycle, or potential environmental impact, of what we are creating. Using the checklists, a wide range of considerations and options can be assessed. A fellow 212 Green Team member developed a similar checklist for the Print Design Team.
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Sample Checklist Items

By-Products of Manufacturing:

Eco-concious disposal of vapors, chemicals, scraps

Maximize sheet material dimensions, minimizing scrap waste

Product shipment with minimal, eco - friendly packaging

Recycle excess material or waste produced during manufacturing

Eco-concious engraving process: (Ex. Chemical etching with sustainable waste disposal plan, re-use of chemicals used in chemical engraving, mechanical engraving, water jet)

Minimize energy used in production (ex. hardwoods, photopolymer acrylic, lexan, anodizing, powder coating)

Minimize energy used for material manufacture (ex. zinc, steel, Smile Plastics)

Green Audit


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